• Your clan castle

This is because in your league, it is important to get trophies, which can be done with

a little teeny bit of help (namely your reinforcement trooops) Clan Castle troops can also give you the little bit of "oomph" you need 

when defending your base (yes, they can defend!). One troop can make the difference between 49% (oh the trolling) and two stars!

Also, clans are fun and you can make friends. Maybe you can become a co-leader!!

  • Air Defense!

It's not that neccesary at your level, but it never hurts to have better defense!

  • Higher Defenses!

As I mentioned earlier, the better the... umm.. better! ☺

  • Resource stock up

Am I the only one who thinks that level 8 storages look better than level 2? Probably not!